Victory Dance

Victory Dance

He scoots . . . .

He scores!

And the victory dance.

Speaking of victory dances, I finished my first semester of grad school today. Now that it is over, it doesn’t feel like it was too bad, but I know, and Micah will confirm, that it didn’t feel that way back in October. Right now I am giddy with relief. And with the fact that Simon is such a good dancer.

4 thoughts on “Victory Dance

  1. so much to congratulate you on! 1. awesome child 2. awesome skills 3. awesome first semester 4. awesome heiselts

  2. Simon is ssooo cute! I had to keep replaying the videos because Peter was fascinated by Simon. And congrats on a semester done, and well done too I’m sure.

  3. Lovin the videos! Kaiya did too, she kept pointing and saying baby. He’s smart, you can tell he’s listening to you and trying to do what you ask him to.
    Also good job on finishing up your first semester of grad school. I bet that feels pretty good!

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