I know where Heath Ledger lives.

I know where Heath Ledger lives.

The nice police officer who took me and one of my classmates told me as he drove us through Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct. I admit that knowing Mr. Ledger’s address might have been more valuable to me before I met Micah. Perhaps some of the single young ladies who frequent the blog might be interested? I hear he’s breaking up with his wife . . . .

Okay, so the purpose of going on a police ridealong was not so I could become a celebrity stalker. I am not exactly sure what the point of it was (it probably would have made more sense back when we were talking about covering the police beat), but that is not to say that I didn’t enjoy it. I got to wear a bullet proof vest. I got to cruise around the streets of Brooklyn much faster than if I had been driving myself. I got to witness the crazy things that police officers get to deal with, like people accidentally driving down the court house steps. Oops!

No pictures, at least I didn’t take any. The nice officer did take pictures, which he said were for their records, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion he wanted to show his friends. “You can’t make this stuff up,” he kept saying to himself. :) I believe him.

11 thoughts on “I know where Heath Ledger lives.

  1. I used to have this major crush on Heath Ledger in Junior High. I think I was one of about 7 people that watched the show “Roar.” I think I’ve grown out of my star crush though. I think it was when I realized he was a smoker.

  2. Yeah, I had a crush when I saw him in
    “10 Things I Hate About you”, but didn’t last very long…(fortunately).

  3. I think we are all missing the point of the story. I mean, when was the last time you got to wear a bullet proof vest?

  4. Lizzie was this for school? I’m confused about why you did it. It’s cool that you got to wear a bullet proof vest and ride around with a cop in brooklyn of all places! You should start stalking Heath Ledger, just for the fun of it. I too had a crush on him when I watched Ten Things I Hate About You. But then I realized he was ugly, so that didn’t last too long:).

  5. How highly entertaining. Yes Micah, wearing a bullet proof vest is definitely more thrilling than stalking Heath Ledger. Though as one of I have no idea how many single women who frequent this blog I’ll certainly keep that in mind for when Abby, Tiff and I are galavanting through the streets of Brooklyn in April. Should make for some very good times. Ü I’d like more details about this little adventure Lizzie- specifically what you’re going to do with this information.

  6. I agree with Becca and Micah. Bullet-proof vests are way cooler than Heath Ledger. Also, I am as confused as Melissa-what was the point of this exercise? Not that it isn’t cool, just that if you weren’t covering the police beat, what were you covering?

  7. It was for my journalism class. We were going to go on the ridealongs when we were talking about the police beat back in October, but the soonest they could schedule us was this week.

  8. I heart Heath Ledger. As for the bullet proof vest, I am so jealous. Sounds like a fun adventure. My fun adventure at BYU-Hawaii is ending! Today is my last day of classes at the school…FOREVER! Hope all is well in NYC!

  9. Sounds fun! Though I have to say, I think stalking celebrities sounds way more fun than wearing a bullet-proof vest. To me, that’s just scary. Takes the joy right out of finding Heath’s apartment.

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