Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

For you who didn’t already know, yesterday was Lizzie’s birthday, and since I assume she has no intention of publishing this to the world, I thought I would.

It was a good day for us all. I unfortunately had to go to work so Lizzie spent the morning interviewing a woman for a story that she is planning on writing for her class. It sounds like it went very well and I look forward to reading the final product. She also took advantage of a couple of coupons that we got when we bought her coat last week and purchased herself a new skirt and blouse. They are really nice, super cute and she practically stole them to boot.

I was able to beg my way out of work 30 minutes early and we met up near Grand Central for the evening. Every year the Rockefeller Center has a huge Christmas tree out front. The lighting of this tree is a huge deal and we thought, since it took place on Lizzie’s big day, we should brave the crowds and take a look. And crowds there were! It seemed like half of the city squeezed themselves into the 2 block radius around the Rock. We arrived around 6:15ish and after maneuvering ourselves through a couple of detours we finally got a look at the tree. Here is what it looked like unlit:We then found out that the officially lighting would not happen until 9:00 so we took advantage of the time and went to dinner. After roaming the streets for a while we found a nice little Indian restaurant. The food was great and the waiter was really nice. He helped us a lot with Simon by getting him a highchair, tying a napkin around his (rather thick) neck for a bib, and even giving us some rice pudding to feed him. Simon seemed to like it, but not as much as the Mango smoothie, which we where told was “good for him.”

Finally, it was time to head back to the tree. Once again, we pushed and shoved, but when we got within about 10 feet of being able to see it we found we could go no farther. Simon had fallen asleep in his bjorn but we still though it best to get him out of there before we were compressed to death. While making our way to another view-point we heard a group count down and then a large cheer. At first we felt like we had just missed new years, but then realized that the tree would probably stay plugged in long enough for us to get a gander. It took us another 5-10 minutes, but this is what we saw:After admiring the sparkly lights for a bit we found the subway and enjoyed a fairly non-eventful ride home (except for the guy who had a funny accent and looked like an elf drawn in anime style). Now it was time for me to make a cake. Lizzie likes chocolate, so I tried a recipe that I found on Williams-Sonoma’s website. Here it is:We didn’t have any really nice souffle dishes, but I managed by using a couple small pyrex bowls and two small casserole dishes. The recipe for the cakes specifically said to serve them immediately. Not wanting to disappoint Williams-Sonoma and hoping to get to bed sometime last night I opened to box and threw in the candles. At first I was happy because I didn’t have to count (1 box = Lizzie’s age), but after they started falling over everywhere I got a little nervous. I thought that the inside of the cake was just too gooey for them to stay up straight until I took one out in order to use it to light the rest and the entire bottom third was melted off. It turns out that not only a burning wick, but also a hot molten cake will melt a candle. I quickly finished the job and Lizzie quickly blew them out. Luckily, I had made a few small cakes and we still had plenty of unwaxed goodness (topped with ice cream) to enjoy before licking our spoons and calling it a day.Happy birthday Lizzie. I love you.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lizzie!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Lizzie! I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly, and I can’t wait to see your new coat and outfit… along with the rest of you at Christmas! We love you!

  2. Sorry that I didn’t call you or anything, but my phone won’t call long-distance. :( Happy birthday anyway, and I definitely need to see a picture of you in your outfit.
    P.S. Micah, do you have a picture of an anime elf? I’m having a hard time picturing it. 😀

  3. What a great birthday! I will expect the same from Thomas come June (NY tree lighting and all!)- Happy Belated Birthday Lizzie!

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