All We Want for Christmas

All We Want for Christmas

You can see how excited Simon was that his Cougars beat Utah this weekend. He got so into the fight song once the game was over. You should hear that boy sing! Okay, so he doesn’t really sing, but he likes it when we do. The boy stayed up until midnight last night, woke up at 3:00 and was finished sleeping by 7:30. As I write this he is super tired and will not sleep. I don’t know if this picture gives us a hint as to what is going on; it looks like it could be teething . . . . Of course we have thought hat before, but so far he’s still all gums.I can only hope those pearly whites push their way through soon. Maybe we should start singing “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” just to give him a little bit of encouragement.

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  1. haha–funny pix! what a cutie! Kaiya got her first two front teeth for Christmas last year. Christmas eve was a nightmare!:) Hopefully he gets his soon so he (and you) can sleep.

  2. I love that Simon’s a little cougar. I hope he enjoyed the game as much as Sarah and I did, which was a rather lot. We can only hope his teeth come in soon!

  3. I just stumbled on your blog while Googling around for the Draper Program (I’m hoping – hoping hoping – to start in January). It’s lovely! And I hate it when people lurk on my blog, so I thought I’d comment. :)

  4. I’m glad to see that Simon knows where it’s at. Amen to what Becca said, and where did you guys get that hat, by the way?

  5. That picture is AWESOME! seriously- i love that he fell asleep like that- he and amby are two peas in a pod. dont worry, it may take a little longer but the teeth will come and unfortunately babies can teeth for a ridiculously long amount of time. ambrose did.

  6. Burke had a really hard time teething (not only lots of crying, sleepless nights, but lots of bruising and bleeding when they did come through), and I don’t know how you feel about herbals and your infant, but this is what worked for us:

    We were recommended Hyland’s teething tablets by one friend for pain relief so everybody can sleep at night, so that’s one idea; but when we went to the herbal shop to get some, the clerk said it often indicates that a child needs more minerals in their diet to make the teeth stronger when they push through and gave us a mineral supplement. We gave him a dropperful in his diluted juice or cereal 3 times a day and the next time a tooth popped through we didn’t even know it was coming until it was there.

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