The Burning Bush

The Burning Bush

Okay, it’s not a bush. It’s a tree. And it isn’t on fire, it’s just aflame with the spirit of Fall. I love that it is right outside our window. It is helping me make up for the autumns we missed in Hawaii.
We’ve been trying to get out to enjoy the foliage so last week we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. We loved the herb garden, the Japanese garden, and the bonsai greenhouse the most.

We celebrated the season today by watching the most boring rivalry football game I can remember. How many times did OSU and Michigan punt the ball back and forth? I ended up reading a text book through most of the game, such was the excitement on the field. But we made buckeyes anyway, most of which we ended up taking to the branch Thanksgiving dinner this evening. The kids had a great time playing with Simon and pinning the tail feathers on the turkey. I spent the evening trying to keep smiling through all of the pictures that people were taking of Simon. I tell you, that kid is going to have a complex. We can’t go anywhere without people telling us he should be modeling or in commercials. I almost feel like we’re wasting an opportunity here, but he’s young. There’s still time. Maybe you’ll see his face on the cover of American Baby before too long.

Side note: My dad’s picture was on the front page of The New York Times this week. Can you guess which one he is?

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  1. You’re all right. He looks just like himself. He was able to pin down the date of the photo, too. Oct. 21, 1968. But it feels like yesterday. Right, Dad?

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