12 thoughts on “Now That’s Entertainment

  1. Are you going to summit this video to the TV show whatever it is called? And, how do you do that?! He is so cute, I love the smile at the ending.

  2. I shared this with all the girls on my floor and some of the guys who had come over for visiting hours and we all agree: SIMON IS ADORABLE!! I love it when he rests for a second while he’s in the blanket and it looks like he almost wants to give up.

  3. This is so funny u can definitely put this on youtube or sell it to PCC for employee recognition video(hehe). Sorry for not calling or anything at all because I got the third Iphone and a new number (again) I broke it hacked it and will never do it again. I saw your new hair and nail and stuff Micah. U r the new D&G (Dolce and Gabbana) LV is so yesterday I will give that to Seth cause his wife is using it dah! Nothing new except working hard study hard and I got zits. Well love checking your blog and hey Liz Thanksgiving is coming we should have a party YAY

    Mister Jay (D&G representative)

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