Another Marathon Story

Another Marathon Story

If you thought I was going to let the New York City Marathon pass without commenting on it, you were wrong. For my Journalism class I had to write a story about it and my professor suggested we find somebody from back home to write about and pitch it to their local paper. So that is what I did. Simon and I spent a good part of the afternoon yesterday watching runners and wishing we could be part of the action. I pitched my article to the Daily Herald and they ran it. Right now it is on the front page of their website, although it probably won’t be for too long. But you can read it by clicking here.

The story was fun to do, and even though I don’t think it is great by any means, I’m pleased with the way it turned out, and even more pleased to get something published. I feel like I am truly a freelance journalist. If somebody who lives in that area and gets the Daily Herald wants to send me a copy of the article (if it is in the print edition, which I assume it is) I would very much appreciate it.

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  1. so sweet–i think the mark of a good story is when you kind of forget you’re reading it to see what the writer did, and just get into the story itself. how do you go about pitching a story?

  2. Good Work, Lizzie! You’re official! I’m curious too… how do you go about pitching a story, anyway?

  3. Well, for this particular story I called the couple and asked if I could talk to them and told them that I was interested in doing a story about the marathon for “back home.” After they said yes and I found out a little bit more about them I called the Daily Herald and told them what I was doing and asked if they would be interested. They had me send them a writing sample and after they read that they said they would take the story.

    BUT in my class we are taught that we are supposed to do a bunch of research beforehand (enough to practically write the story) and to write a proposal and also tell the newspaper why they should want your story and why you should be the one to write it. Some of my classmates have e-mailed in pitches and some of them have called in. Calling seems to be more effective. Oh, and here is a link to a checklist to help you know if you have a story and how you will go about getting and writing the story:

    If you have any more questions, let me know.

  4. needless to say i am thoroughly impressed and thinking to myself, “oh man. lizzie is really living the dream!!”

  5. Wow-how cool is that!? I’m impressed and so happy for you. Very interesting story to byt the way. How did you find them?

  6. I found them by looking for couples from Utah on the registered runners list. They don’t post whether they are married or not, but I figured I was pretty safe because not many people are named Modersitzki. Then I just googled them and it came up with their home phone. I really didn’t know what I was getting into until I talked to them the day before the marathon, but I figure everybody who is running a marathon has a story to tell. I was lucky that they have this running group organized.

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