Costume Construction

Costume Construction

Simon has been begging us since we went to Alaska to please let him dress up as a porcupette for Halloween. Oh, sorry my mistake. We’ve been begging Simon to please let us dress him up as a porcupette for Halloween since we went to Alaska. But, you say, Simon wasn’t even born when you went to Alaska. True. The child was not even a twinkle in our eyes when we started planning this Halloween costume. That is how excited we have been about it.Unfortunately, despite all our grand plans, it was the costume that almost wasn’t. I started to stress about school a week or so ago and was convinced that I would have no time to put into a porcupette costume, but then half way through last week I decided I wouldn’t be a good mother if I didn’t dress Simon up for his first Halloween. So I went to a thrift store and got a pre-made puppy costume. Neither Micah nor I think pre-made costumes are anything to get excited about, so Micah put on his thinking cap and figured out how we could turn the puppy into a porcupette. He cut out, sewed, and stuffed the quills, took off the puppy ears and tail, and then we stayed up until 5:00 Saturday morning sewing the quills onto the costume. We felt so parental.It had to be done by Saturday because we were crashing the Park Slope Ward’s chili and pie cook-off that night. All the kids wear their costumes to the event. We made an awesome apple pie, but we were an hour late for the party and missed the judging, so we’ll never know if we could have won. And although they didn’t have a costume contest, we heard from several people (and most of them were not even our friends) that Simon’s costume would have won, hands down.

11 thoughts on “Costume Construction

  1. Holy cow! I have never seen such an elaborate costume. I would even vote for you as parents of the year after this!

  2. Even with little quills sticking out of his back, he’s still the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! Was he pretty cool with it, or did he fuss and squirm a lot? Fussing might actually add to the whole effect (because this porcupette could fling his quills at you at any moment).

  3. oh yeah, there’s really no question. you would have won for sure! i guess you’ll just have to make up for it by winning the GAP photo contest! :)

  4. nice that your kid is stinking adorable. um, micah, so i am the lamest for the following reasons:
    1) being out of the country on your birthday and subsequently missing the opportunity to bake you a pumpkin in the shape of a cake (you heard me).
    2) for having my phone stolen and missing your call about dinner on sunday.
    3) for having my computer blow up so that i couldn’t check my email or blog for a couple days and therefore not know about dinner on sunday.
    i promise not to do any of these things again!

  5. He’s so stinkin’ cute! I have to admit that my second graders came up with some pretty incredible costumes, but when all is said and done they really don’t compare with Simon’s! No doubt you would have one the contest!

  6. Um, Becca, I think that you had a really long day because although I agree that Simon is number “one,” I think you meant to say that he would have “won.” 😉

  7. I love it! So, we’re even. You stay up for crazy hours making a costume, we stay up crazy hours making a party. We’re all crazy parents!

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