At Least One of Us is Happy.

At Least One of Us is Happy.

So, it’s almost 2:00 am. Lizzie and I have to wake up at 6:15 in the morning.
This is us:

This is our silly child:

He is so grounded.

9 thoughts on “At Least One of Us is Happy.

  1. You guys are real troopers. I hope you’re functioning okay today. Children don’t seem to comprehend night and day the same way we do. They just do as they please. Not that I really know anything about it, I’ve just heard stories.

  2. haha! Not laughing at you, sorry for the lack of sleep, just I thinks it’s funny how he looks like he’s totally ready for the day and wide a wake. The one good thing is that you guys got a really cute picture of him. And of you two.:)

  3. Yeah, he’s cute in that picture, but you should have seen him the two hours prior to that when he was screaming like his head was on fire. For some reason we couldn’t understand that what he really wanted to do was boogie with his mama. As soon as I started dancing with him he was screaming with laughter and we had the happiest little child on our hands. Definitely crazy. But I’m glad to know the child likes to dance. We’re going to have good times, me and him.

  4. He may be teething, but he also may be a tiny bit sick. His nose is running a little and I have a very mild sore throat, so he may as well. I kind of hope it’s the teeth because if we have to go through this again when he does get teeth . . . oi!

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