I can’t believe I’m married to a 29-year-old.

I can’t believe I’m married to a 29-year-old.

That’s right, folks. Micah turned 29 today. We started the festivities on Friday night by doing a little winter clothes shopping (our supply of warm clothes seems to have dwindled to next to nothing over the past few years) and going out to dinner at Say Cheese! a grilled-cheese sandwich place we ate at when we visited here two years ago. Delicious. And also a little bit greasier than we are used to.

Because I am a wonderful wife, I got Micah the gift he was thinking about getting for himself because my original gift was not really useful or necessary, nor would it help get rid of the lumber yard in our already-too-narrow hallway. I sent it back and got the power tools he found for a super good price. Unfortunately they won’t be arriving for another week or two, but at least the shipping was free.For those of you who are cool, you already know that this week was National Design Week, but if you are like me, you had to have your super cool husband tell you. Because it is NDW, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum was free, so we went there today and admired the things people do with LEDs these days. We stopped at a fruit stand on the way back to the train station and got some raspberries to go with Micah’s angel food cake. The fruit man fell in love with Simon and gave him a free banana. Things like that always happen when Simon is around.
I meant to get some candles while we were out and about today, but I forgot, so Micah blew out our special never-been-used-before Glade air freshening candle and we ate the cake. Simon fell asleep before we got around to the singing and eating and I’m sure he’ll be made at us when he notices two pieces missing from it tomorrow morning.

8 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m married to a 29-year-old.

  1. happy birthday from us as well- that cake seriously makes me hungry! you guys should compile a cookbook. i still think fondly about the meal we had at your house so long ago. so good!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Micah! We love and miss you all. Rock on with the beautiful Angel Cake and berries! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

  3. Happy birthday Micah! I’m all for you guys putting together a cook book too! I think it’s an excellent idea- and would offer my assistance, but I know you don’t need any help. Ü At any rate, my mouth is watering and I think someone here needs to have a birthday soon!

  4. Happy Birthday Micah !!! well as you always know that you will get a present from me 6 months later hopefully by then we would meet again. I hope you have a good life no pimple wrinkle on your face and your hair will be lighter like you were in Hawaii (touch by the sunlight). I hope that your Glade candle would change the world (like Heroes) especially New York smell (eek I no like it bradah) Alright have a wonderful day.

  5. I know, Micah, I know… I am super late, but Happy Belated Birthday. You turned 29? Don’t worry, I am just barely right behind you, so don’t feel old, because I don’t. Also, Liz, you are a wonderful wife… and, how do you make that raspberry sauce on that very yummy looking angel food cake?

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