Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

I know probably a lot of people have heard that New Yorkers are very nice people, much more compassionate than people expect from a place where it is easy to pretend you don’t see people who need help and to enjoy the anonymity that being one of 8 million allows. But I want to share two incidents that happened to us this week that illustrate the consideration that New Yorkers often show others, and why New York is kind of a magical place.

On Monday Simon and I went to pick up Micah after work. Work ends at 6:00 and my class is at 6:20 two miles south of his office. It is just one stop on the express train, but the train is really crowded at that time. Because of my poor planning, Simon was getting hungry about that time and his bottle was at home. The three of us barely squeezed onto the train and as soon as the doors closed, Simon started making it known that his belly was empty. Micah gave him his pinky to chew/suck on, but we were nervous about annoying this car full of tired people with our fussy baby. Then a man standing nearby saw our predicament and started singing. I don’t know what song it was, but it was slow like a lullabye and it kept Simon (and the rest of us) happy until our stop.

Then today I had to go out and run some errands. They were close enough that taking the train wasn’t necessary but far enough to be a good walk. Right when I got outside it started to sprinkle. We don’t own an umbrella yet, so I couldn’t have gone back to the apartment to get it and the rain got worse. I put Simon’s hood on him and kept walking. We finished the errands and headed home. Simon seemed to be enjoying the rain and the rain songs I was singing to him, but I was still worried about him being wet for too long. We just had one more block to walk when a lady with an umbrella saw us and decided it was more important for her to walk us the rest of the way home than it was to do whatever it was she was out in the rain doing. It was a little thing, but it certainly brightened my rainy day.

6 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. That’s awesome Lizzie. It makes me happy knowing that people care and are often much more kind than we give them credit for. It also gives me hope for the future- and reminds me of a song my second graders are singing. Ü

  2. ditto to what Becca said. I’m glad you shared those stories with us Lizzie, they brightened by day too. Ü

  3. How nice! I’m glad you were the receipents of kind deeds.
    As a side note, I didn’t realize that Micah had an office he worked at. I guess I assumed he was working at home.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I think the somewhat “close quarters” of the city makes New Yorkers form a unique kind of community. Even if there are 8 million, everyone could be your neighbor. That’s just cool. I may live here in Stockbridge for ten years and never again speak to my nearest neighbors, and no one would know the difference.

  5. I like hearing stories like these because they make me more committed to doing good deeds myself. I’m also glad that there are people watching out for you in New York. :) (I tried to be like the other Blackhurst girls and put an upright smiley-face but my keyboard isn’t equipped to do it, so you’ll just have to settle with a sideways one)

  6. hearing about the man singing to simon made me tear up- i too get that nervous feeling whenever ambrose cries in a place where crying isnt normally an accepted form of expression and sometimes people just really surprise me. i love your stories.

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