Transaction Complete

Transaction Complete

We’ve been married for almost three years but today is the day when hassles of changing my name finally end. At least that is the hope. I got a new social security card with my married name on it a few weeks after we got married, but I never did get around to getting a Hawaiian driver license with my married name, which meant that our checking account, my debit cards, airplane tickets, anything that required a picture ID of some sort, used my maiden name.

We managed to make it to the DMV a few weeks ago (amazing, I know–even more amazing was the series of unfortunate events that occurred at the DMV to make me over an hour late for my class that day), and my new license, complete with my married name, arrived a few days ago. All that was left to do was change my name on our checking account and order me a debit card (ask me how fun it has been to buy everything on credit and not be able to get cash to do the laundry). As of today, that is all taken care of. I’m relieved. I can finally fly as Elizabeth Heiselt.

To honor the occasion, I got some certified mail from our old bank. Inside were a few checks, made out to Elizabeth Heiselt, that apparently had not been processed because the name on the account was Elizabeth Blackhurst. We think the checks were processed because we certainly would have noticed if they weren’t, and we specifically checked our bank statements to be sure they had cleared our account because those who wrote the checks never had the money withdrawn from their accounts. Strange.

Oddly enough, when I went to pick up the mail from the post office the clerk couldn’t find the letter at first. Somehow the pick-up slip had my married name on it, even though the letter itself had my maiden name. Hopefully that will be the last time I have to say, “Well, it could be under my maiden name . . . .”

Also, today was Simon’s half birthday. We put him to bed and then had a bowl of ice cream to celebrate. Feel free to send him your congratulations on surviving this long with us as his parents. We’ll make sure he gets the message.
Simon wishes he could stay up late and eat ice cream. I think he’s still too young.

5 thoughts on “Transaction Complete

  1. yaaay! u got a blog in there by the middle of the week – congratulations!! oh yeah, happy half birthday, simon! lol!

  2. So does this mean that I should send Simon half a candle, or 6 really really short candles? Also, Lizzie, I can sympathize with not having money to do laundry.

  3. Poor Simon. Before he knows it he’ll be eating loads of ice cream! And he might even get sick of it… but I doubt it.

  4. Happy Half Simon! You’re lucky to have your Mom & Dad! Especially now that their names actually sound like they’re married. Whew!

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