People have been asking

People have been asking

The question is: How do we like New York City? The answer is: That is a good question. One that neither of us have thought too much about, which I think is a good sign. I think if we hated it here we would know. But honestly, I don’t think we’ve had much time to think about it. We’re still settling in, trying to find our groove, swapping Simon outside of my class two minutes before it starts, figuring out which of the four grocery stores within three blocks of our house has the best deal on Breyer’s each week. That sort of thing.

But now that we’re thinking about it, we still like it. It feels comfortable. We don’t have to worry much about finding our way around because the train conductor does the driving. The climate is familiar (it finally feels like fall!). The only thing we aren’t really satisfied with (besides the relative safety of our neighborhood–we have people tell us we’re very brave nearly every time we tell them where we live) is that we haven’t really been able to enjoy living here. We haven’t been to any plays or concerts, we’ve only been to the temple here once, we don’t make it to the park as often as we’d like, and I definitely don’t get out running as much as I want to. We’re still flying by the seats of our pants (hence the blog posts that are written at 1:00 in the morning), and we’d like to be able to stop and look around before we leave, which is why we’re planning to stay for a while after I finish my degree–another sign that we must be enjoying it.

It took us over two months to buy some bedding for Simon’s crib. That’s how you know our life here is still a work in progress. But it doesn’t seem like Simon is holding any grudges. I think he likes it. And I think we like New York, too.

9 thoughts on “People have been asking

  1. Glad you’re enjoying life where you are. Great picture of Simon, he looks so much older in this shot, but also very cute.

  2. Simon is cute!!! There are lip smudges all over our monitor! Does he have a favorite flavor of Breyer’s yet? I’d like to see the picture when he finds out what it is.

  3. Sometimes being busy is the best way to make yourself feel like you’re in the right place. There’s no time to miss anything. I’m glad you guys are liking it there.

  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying NYC! The place is magical, so I hear, so I’m not terribly surprised. 😉

    Simon is getting SO big! We can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas!

  5. Wow! What a cutie! Wow, he is sure growing and changing….cuter by the second. Where are you going for Christmas this year? Good luck with school! I do hope it is going well!

  6. What an adorable little guy! I am so excited to visit you guys in NY and happy to hear that you’re enjoying it- and keeping busy! Though I’ll be honest, I wasn’t terribly worried about that. Simon looks like he has a rather lot of hair in this picture, at least more than his mother had at his age, true? Ü Perhaps he takes after you Micah?

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