Christmas in October?

Christmas in October?

Do you ever have so much to blog about that you put it off until you have a big chunk of time, and then by the time you have a big chunk of time you forget what all those things were that you were going to blog about?

I know I do.
But anyway . . . Simon experienced his first Christmas on Thursday. Santa Claus came with a big box of toys she found on Craigslist for $10. The little munchkin promptly wore himself out trying to chase the balls that got out of reach. He tried really hard to get them by throwing himself forward in a grand crawling attempt, but he has more luck getting around by rolling, rolling, rolling. That’s right folks, he can now roll from back to tummy and tummy to back (so talented), but he can only roll to the right, which has put him in a tight corner on more than one occasion.While Simon was celebrating Christmas (or maybe we should call it The Great Toy Acquisition of 2007) we were wondering what happened to Fall. We were under the impression that we moved away from Hawaii, but it appears the heat and humidity have followed us, or else somebody forgot to tell the weatherman that it is October. I did notice some leaves on the ground when I was out for a run this morning, but otherwise it is autumn in name only. And to think we moved from one end of the country to the other just so we could feel that crisp cool air again. What a waste.
Since we are on the topic of Fall, allow me to show you the lovely ad Micah designed that ran in New York magazine last month. I never thought he’d be published in a major magazine before me, but that’s the breaks. Really it just makes me long for cool weather all the more.

12 thoughts on “Christmas in October?

  1. Love your design and u know what I’m becoming just like you – the greatest Micah – my designing hero. LOL


  2. Just love the ‘fall asleep in the middle of it all’ kinds of pictures! What a cutie!
    Great work, Micah.

  3. Awesome find, Lizzie!! I am jealous because I’m sure your Craigslist is a WHOLE lot better than ours. The one here is terrible.

    And fabulous ad, Micah. Looks super neat!

  4. On Friday it was 40 degrees in Salt Lake City and 80 degrees in Denver, Colorado. There definitely is some crazy weather going on.

  5. that ad is so cool i think i would frame it in my house if i had a copy. additionally, thanks for the tip about craigs list and toys- we will have to look into that since ambrose seems to be rejecting the same old infant toys that have delighted him for the past three months.

  6. Simon’s adorable. I love the picture update- it allows me to change my wallpaper every once in awhile- and I can see how much the little guy is growing. How fun! I always knew you were a thrifty shopper Lizzie. Good work!

    Way to go on the ad Micah. I don’t know how you do it, but I think it’s neat!

  7. I LOVE the ad Micah. I would definately frame it too, if I had a copy. And Simon is so cute as always!

  8. Fun stuff! Good work, guys! I remember some nice warm October days living in Utah, as well. It’s not even late enough in the season to consider it an “Indian Summer” I realized after looking it up. But it’s the same kind of weather here. Mid to high eighties all last week and this… though it’s supposed to be a high of 56 and raining on Thursday… ah well. I’ve enjoyed a warm October. The leaves have started changing, but they’ve stayed on the trees a little longer than they usually might had the weather kept crisp.

  9. Hey Lizzie, maybe you could call it The Year the Great Pumpkin Came Early, and just in case somebody doesn’t know, that’s a reference to Peanuts, but I’m sure we all know that the Great Pumpkin comes at the end of October and brings presents for good boys and girls (at least that’s the case if I remember correctly, it has been a couple of years since I’ve read any Peanuts comics that talk about the Great Pumpkin).
    Also Micah, it’s ads like yours that make me proud to have been born in the Fall, basically, it’s pretty cool I guess, or in a word: Awesome.

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