I am a Bobcat.

I am a Bobcat.

NYU adopted the bobcat as their mascot in 1984. Before that, they were the violets. Apparently, violets just aren’t fierce enough to intimidate our foes, so they became the bobcats. Somehow the bobcat seemed less fierce to me when I found out that they actually took it from the Bobst Library Card Catalog. My school’s mascot is a card catalog. But I like it anyway.

I’ve been in school for nearly a month now and I’m enjoying it, even though I have yet to see Mary-Kate or Ashley on campus. I decided in the end to go part time, which means I have two classes instead of three, and it will take me longer than a year to finish (boo, hiss). There were many reasons for the decision, and I’m pretty sure it is the right one. I have a Journalism class and an Arts/Culture class, both of which are pretty much what I expected them to be. The only thing that I don’t like is that Journalism is six hours on Thursdays, so it takes up nearly the whole day. We have been blessed to have Micah freelancing regularly for the same company, which means he has the flexibility to not work on Thursdays and can watch Simon instead. We’re still hoping to find a full-time job with the necessary flexibility, but the way things have worked out so far has been wonderful.

Perhaps Simon understands the difficulties that NYU’s scheduling has presented in achieving our full-time employment/childcare goals, because he likes to remind us every now and then of where our loyalties truly lie.
After all where would he be if it weren’t for the good old BYof U?

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  1. I’m glad school is going well for you. You’re amazing! (as are Micah and Simon) Good for Simon for keeping things in perspective!

  2. Holy cow that boy is getting big! I’ve decided, Lizzie, that we can’t really get away from the cat family mascots. I’m pretty much going to be a cougar for life and it looks like Simon would fit right in with my 2nd grade Canyon Cougar Cubs. What do you say Simon? You in? Ü Since your mom is no longer a cougar- somebody ought to represent!

  3. I’m so glad childcare is working out for you guys! Honestly, that’s the biggest reason I think my Master’s Degree is going to have to wait until my kids are a bit older. Or Conan is independently wealthy. Whichever comes first.

  4. Yeah, we’re working on the whole independently wealthy thing ourselves. Let us know if you get any good ideas.

  5. A bobcat was my mascot in elementary school. They’re actually not very big, but I hear their quite fearsome.

  6. Does NYU have any good sports teams, because I don’t know if I would want to get into a card catalog suit for pep rallies and games; I guess they just go with the Bobcat thing. What would that look like anyway? Also I keep wondering how Simon got so cute, and then I remember, he’s related to me! :)

  7. i love the card catalog mascot- it make nyu shine all the brighter in my eyes! i NEED to talk to you soon about your program – i want to do it so badly my teeth hurt! i cant seem to find the little piece of paper i had your email address on so email me please dear lizzie: stephaniexrobertson@gmail.com

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