All About Simon

All About Simon

Editor’s note: It has been brought to our attention that we have been neglecting our responsibility to post new pictures of our kid every week, so we are making up for lost time. Feel free to use any of the following images as your wallpaper.
The little frog turned 5 months on Monday and has been hitting some milestones. You already know a bit about the solid food experiment, so I’ll just say it’s been a success so far. He’s probably gotten less than a teaspoon into his little stomach and he’s not as thrilled about the high chair as we are, but he seems to be having a good time anyway. Just look at how pleased he is.This week also brought with it a new development: He now rolls onto his belly. Some of you may recall that he used to roll off of his belly. Not any more. This does not mean that he likes being on his belly, he just can’t stop himself from doing it every time we lay him on the floor. We think he may be getting ready to *gulp* crawl. For the time being, however, he is using the new position to be helpful by mopping up his own spit up. With his face. We appreciate the thought, but it doesn’t really make our job any easier.
We haven’t taken the tyke in for a check-up since we left Hawaii, but by our (not very precise) measurements he is about 20 pounds and about 24 inches long. According to various websites that is about 95th for weight and less than 5th for height. Chunky little monkey.Yeah, he’s super cute.

8 thoughts on “All About Simon

  1. Thanks Lizzie! It appears that the little frog is not wasting any time mastering the art of face painting … with food. Not only is he a model, but he’s an artist too!

  2. I love that last picture. Such a great smile…and he almost looks like a redhead! :)

    And that is for sure the same face I’d make if I had rolled around in my throw up also.

    And remember how 20 pounds is the weight kids are usually at around a year old when you can turn their car seats around?? Your poor backs. Too funny!

  3. Yep. We’ve been waiting for the redhead comment for a while now. Though I highly doubt he will be one, his hair often does give off a *reddish tint. So much for our brown eyed, brown haired, scrawny little expectations.

    (*Lizzie’s hair actually has a red tint as well, but it is so dark you normally can’t see it.)

  4. awesome. I hope he does have a bit of obvious red. Clark’s is definitely fading. Not so red anymore, except right at the hairline.

  5. I totally just set Simon as my wallpaper. I couldn’t help it! So I hope he doesn’t mind the thought of 24 seven and eight year olds admiring his adorable drooling face. I love it!

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