Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Simon has been grabbing at our plates, making puppy dog faces at us as we eat, opening his mouth whenever we open ours to eat, and trying to chew his fingers off for a few weeks. We think this means he is hungry. And since he turned 5 months today, we think that now is the time to introduce him to solids. I made some rice cereal today and we just ordered him a little high chair (which I’m sure is going to be awesome). I’ll let you know how it goes.

On a related note, in the reading about introducing solids to infants I get the idea that:

1. You should watch your baby’s signs to figure out if he is ready to eat. (The signs being grabbing, staring while you eat, mouthing everything, etc.)
2. You should not give your baby solids before he is 6 months old.
3. You should pay attention to the baby, not the calendar.

It seems a little bit contradictory to me, but I’m trusting that Simon knows that he’s ready. I just can’t ignore those puppy dog eyes any longer.

6 thoughts on “Hungry, Hungry Hippo

  1. What a good boy Simon is. It seems like a good idea to me to listen to the little guy. Kaiya is breastfeeding mostly still, but accepting food much better. Might be my fault–since I was hesitant to start her on solids till after six months. She was very interested in foods at a young age, but we tried to wait. Then she went through a period where she wasn’t interested at all. Once again it could be because we didn’t feed her when she was interested. So I say good job on listening to Simon and I hope it goes well.
    How’s school–tell us all about it.

  2. That’s funny because in my reading, I found that the best time to introduce solids to your baby is between 4-6 months so that they’ll actually eat it…after 6 months and you have more problems with the baby not being interested (as in the previous poster melissa’s case). Good luck!

    And can we get a good picture of the kid one of these days? I mean, you’re WAY overdue…it’s been over a month since we had a good close-up of him! :)

  3. Good call on following Simon’s cues…out of necessity more than cue-ing we started my nanny baby on solids AND “the cup” at 6 months – she is going straight from nursing to a sippy cup – I mean, why hassle for a couple months with a bottle, right? Sounds like Simon’s given you the green light – and I bet when he gets some yummy rice cereal with some bananas he’ll give you more than puppy dog eyes – he’ll give you a big messy face with a big smile! :)

    Good luck and have fun!

    ps-the little chair is very cute!

  4. Good call! Simon just knows what he wants and lets you know when. We’ve been pretty lax about following the “guidelines and rules” are far as baby feeding goes. What do you mean kids aren’t suppose to have peanut butter until they are 2? That is one of Kennedy’s staples! Also, just to remind you of what great parents you are by first giving Simon rice cereal, Dexter’s first solids food (at 4 months, I might add) was chocolate ice cream!!

    BTW, I don’t think it damaged him (too much!!)

  5. Thanks for the support everyone! We gave him a bit today. He didn’t reject it, but he had a little bit of difficulty trying to figure it out. We didn’t warm it up, which might be a bit of a problem. Tomorrow we’ll try it again and maybe even take some pictures. :)

    Bente, I love that Dexter had chocolate ice cream. Did he mind that it was cold?

  6. ambrose did the same stuff and so i fed him rice cereal which he loved- but i have been lazy about it and not fed him anything but good old breast milk for the last two weeks. he seems fine either way, so i am listening to him as well. you’re a good mama- simon is lucky you were picking up on his subtle and not so subtle hints.

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