So Hip and Chic . . . I mean Cheap

So Hip and Chic . . . I mean Cheap

Micah has been brainstorming ways to organize our apartment and make it oh so cool since we got here. This is his latest and greatest, since we are sadly lacking in shelf and drawer space. The best part was that except for the paint, which we still have plenty of and will undoubtedly use again, it cost less than $10.

8 thoughts on “So Hip and Chic . . . I mean Cheap

  1. I love it but it might get tricky once Simon is mobile. Our fridge is now “top heavy” because Peter feels the need to take everything off of it!

  2. Ahh the peg board project–I saw it in Domino magazine. A Julia Child original–I think it’s a really goodw4 idea.
    I was thinking about doing it in our new apartment in the kitchen, since we have a big empty wall. But alas, we have a mess maker in our house and she would love to pull everything off and throw it.
    I hope you enjoy it while you can–it looks really good.

  3. Yeah, I know we’re going to have to make some changes once Simon gets moving . . . I was thinking of putting some things he can play with down there, but I am a little worried about the the hooks being dangerous. But that is one of the beauties of the peg board–it is easy to rearrange and make changes to.

  4. that’s a really cool color of green and a nice way to be organized in a small space. and who doesn’t love $10 solutions that look cool?

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