Lucky Day

Lucky Day

Today was probably the best day ever. Or maybe just the best day since we’ve been in NYC. The world decided to celebrate the last day before I start classes by being really nice to us. You’ll never believe it, but when I checked the mailbox after making a trip to the grocery store I found a slip saying we had THREE (3) packages waiting for us at the post office. Sent from Utah. A month ago. Yes, it’s true folks, the packages we had all but given up on finally arrived. I now have my hair dryer, my hand mixer, my winter clothes. Micah’s scanner and speakers do not need to be replaced, nor do we have one lonely roller blade in the closet. The irreplaceable pictures are safe in our possession, as are the sake glasses we got for our wedding. Hallelujah!We also had the privilege of inviting the man from KeySpan Energy into our apartment so he could connect us to the gas line and we could start using our stove and oven. We were ready for him. As soon as he left the stromboli we had proofing on the table went into the oven. The cookie dough was next in line. It is a glorious feeling to be able to bake again! Last night we put our rice cooker away and vowed to not take it out again until rice is on the menu. We’ve cooked everything from pasta and biscuits to no-bake cookies and cake in that thing and it deserves a rest. Finally, we got a desk on Craigslist to build our “office” around. Slowly but surely, we’re starting to make this place our own. Getting those boxes and being able to cook sure do make it feel more homey.

7 thoughts on “Lucky Day

  1. Yea! You got your packages! Yea! You got your stove working! Yea! You got a desk!

    Awesome for you guys! Happy Day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I guess this is a case for good things always come in threes, right? Or is that bad things? I don’t remember, but I’m glad things are looking up!

  3. hmmm that bread looks good. i wonder how long it would take for you to send it to me in hawaii. i’m glad you got your boxes and that you can cook now- hooray!

  4. Whew! Not a moment too soon, huh? Glad you’ll be able to concentrate on your schoolwork now, rather than obsessing about lost packages and forbidden cookies!

  5. I am so happy for you! I can’t imagine going without all of that for so long. You guys are GREAT! I hope your first day of school went well!

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