Thrills and Chills at Coney Island

Thrills and Chills at Coney Island

Last night we were looking for(as if we haven’t had enough in the past few months . . . .) so we went to Coney Island.

We saw fireworks (which they do every Friday during the summer)and freak showsand this guy who put Simon’s DDR attempt to shame (sorry that it is sideways). He had over 96% accuracy by the end.

We didn’t ride the
But we did get a few people wondering how Simon could sleep through the noisy fireworks. He did it with ease. (The fireworks were much louder than our little camera gives them credit for.)

3 thoughts on “Thrills and Chills at Coney Island

  1. We went to an arcade in Mililani and this girl was playing DDR, she was dancing faster than humanly possible. It was awesome.

  2. Looks like so much fun! The fireworks are great and I love all the lights and action. NYC looks like so much fun, maybe we will have to come visit – likewise if you ever want to have a NW experience you are always welcome here in Seattle and have a place to stay! Maybe by the time we actually someday all get together we will even have a buddy for Simon to play with!

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