A Sneak Peak

A Sneak Peak

We have had many requests for a tour of our new apartment. Unfortunately, we are still not as settled as we would like, so the full showcase will have to wait. But, to help tide you over until then, here is a picture of our cool little couch (it folds out into a bed) and our book shelves. They are almost entirely full now that we have gotten all of our books.

I wish we could say the same thing for all of our packages. The post office seems to have “misplaced” 3 rather large boxes from Utah. Luckily one of them is insured so it won’t be a complete loss if they never show up. Lizzie went in today to inquire as to their location and it appears that she was not the only one in line missing something. We are also expecting a couple of letters that we should have gotten weeks ago. It is looking like the local office is not as good at their job as one would hope. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak

  1. I know what you mean about the post office. In the last several months, they have lost 3 of our packages and at least one letter. My mother-in-law works at the main post office downtown and she tells me horror stories! I’ve vowed never to ship things that I really care about, also to insure all my packages that I must ship through them!

    I do love the picture! Simon is just as cool as can be!

  2. what an adventure- sometimes a little disappointing (darn post office!) but it looks like things are shaping out nicely over there! simon is adorable as always.

  3. I have been wondering how you guys are in NY and here you are! :) Sorry to hear about your packages. I lost a box or 2 also when we moved from Utah to Texas. . . including my favorite recipes. . . things like that. Sad. I feel ya!

    Also, just want to comment how cute Simon is. He is very adorable! (And I like how well he fits in and just became one of the items in the picture) :)

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