The Sky is Falling

The Sky is Falling

We heard a noise outside our apartment and opened the door to see this:The super seemed to think he shouldn’t be bothered with such things on a Saturday night when we called to tell him about it. (He did clean it up anyway.)This and the fact that it is going to be a couple of weeks before we can use our stove and oven makes me not so impressed with the management around here. Grrrrrrrrr. I want to make cookies.

7 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling

  1. It didn’t look like there was any water damage, and it is a hallway above there,too, so I don’t know how water would’ve reached it.

    Keep your fingers crossed that something like that doesn’t happen over Simon’s crib.

  2. No gas and now a ceiling that caves in! I’m not sure how I would put up with all that ridiculousness. I hope the management gets its act together fast.

  3. Hopefully that doesn’t ever happen on the inside of your apartment!
    Do we get to see the inside soon, now that we’ve seen the outside? You guys are killing me with anticipation.

  4. I will post pictures or do a video of the inside, but I’m waiting until we get settled in a bit more–get our pictures up and curtains hung and don’t have a pile of boxes in the corner still. Hopefully it won’t be too long . . . . :)

  5. OK, I didn’t want to give too much unwanted advice (especially when you guys were coping so nicely with your rice maker!) but I would invest in a toaster oven. I should’ve mentioned it when the whole fiasco first started, but they led you along thinking it wouldn’t be long before those cookies were baking in your oven… ah well, I’m telling you now, get a toaster oven! We’ve been living on one for 8 months now, and haven’t missed a regular oven too often. A decent one will cost at least $40, but then it will be like you have a double oven later! And, you can toast six pieces of fancy bread for guests… and when you just want to bake a frozen pizza for dinner, you won’t have to waste all that energy that a real oven uses… and it’s faster because you don’t have to preheat! I don’t know if it will be worth it for two weeks, but it’s sure saved my bacon! Can’t say enough about those TOASTER OVENS.

  6. I would love to get a toaster oven. Right now we are saving our pennies for a microwave, but I tell you, it is high on our list of gadgets-to-get.

    We should have a functional stove by Wednesday.

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