Who's Irish?

Who's Irish?

Perhaps my greatest regret in life is that I am not Irish. I was reminded of this the other night when Micah and I went to Dublin’s Irish Festival with Micah’s friend Danielle (and without Simon!). Besides the fact that is was deathly hot and humid (you’d think I would be used to it by now . . .), and we couldn’t stop wondering how Simon was getting along with Grandma Heiselt, it was awesome. After spending a few hours walking around among the Irish, we have decided to make a few changes in our lives.
First, we have to get Micah a leprechaun suit. He will be using it often to spread good luck and Irish cheer at the many Irish festivals we will be traveling to as part of our new lifestyle. When he is not wearing his leprechaun suit, he will wear a kilt, but not a plaid one. Those are so out of style.

While he is wearing kilts and spreading the luck of the Irish, I will be practicing dancing a jig. I hope one day to be worthy to wear one of those nice Irish dancing
dresses with the little cape in the back. If I’m lucky it will have a lot of sequins. Also, I will wear my hair in a thousand little ringlets. Or maybe I’ll just buy a wig.

Simon’s job will be to learn to play various instruments, especially the bagpipes. He will also have to work on his Irish accent a bit because he is going to be the one making all of the money when he takes over for the bagpipe-playing Canuck in Gaelic Storm . He’s going to make lots of money for us by doing this because people love Gaelic Storm at Irish festivals.

*Sigh* Wouldn’t it be great to be Irish?

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