Simon Goes Swimming. Or Splashing. Or Neither.

Simon Goes Swimming. Or Splashing. Or Neither.

We had a great time at Conan and Missy’s house up in Michigan this past weekend. It makes me want to live in the country. Not right away, of course, but someday. While we were there we cooked up all sorts of delicious food, helped lay down some bamboo flooring, played lots of games (one of these days I’m going to win at Dutch Blitz . . . but probably not if I keep playing with Jodie), and went to a lake with a splash pad for the wee folk. Neils, Burke, Keane, and Clark all seemed to have a great time in the water, but Simon seemed, once again, fairly indifferent about the whole thing. We were expecting wails from him when we took him onto the splash pad, but all we got were a few startled expressions before he regained composure. We keep telling him to keep a stiff upper lip and he seems to be catching on.

Sadly, while we were in Michigan Simon and Micah caught the cold I acquired at some point in our travels. Simon doesn’t seemed phased by the fact that he is really congested and his throat sounds sore. I’m kind of wondering what kind of kid we’ve got here. Doesn’t anything bother him? I’m not complaining, just wondering how we got to be so lucky.

7 thoughts on “Simon Goes Swimming. Or Splashing. Or Neither.

  1. We are SOO glad you came! Thanks for emailing us some photos, otherwise we would have only had 2. I didn’t see these adorable picks in my email, though… are you holding out on me?

  2. I also like the top picture. Kind of looks like a glamour(sp?)shot. Maybe he’ll go into modeling. Ü Glad to hear everything is going well.

  3. He is still growing so much! As for Dutch Blitz, it is one of my favorite games!!! So are you still in Michigan? When will you be in New York? I miss you guys!

  4. I love a fat baby in swim trunks – few things are more delightful! When we traveled last month I also seemed to be more bothered by Ambrose’s cold then he was. I think it is just part of being an attentive mama.

  5. Lizzie and Micah, I have discovered what “kind of kid” you’ve got. You have a model on your hands, and he doesn’t want to ruin his baby-soft, wrinkle-free complexion by creating worry lines. The top photo proves he has great style in posing, and the second photo ensures he will be in high demand by agencies because of his smoldering eyes and pouty mouth. 😉

  6. You’re right Sarah, you are totally right. We’ve got to get this kid an agent. He’s going to make us millions.

    -Lizzie (not Micah)

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