Like Chickens With Our Heads Cut Off

Like Chickens With Our Heads Cut Off

It has been ages since I updated, I know. We’ve been going like crazy the past week, but it hasn’t been too exciting. I mean, besides seeing lots of friends and family, dealing with diaper rash for the first time, packing up all of our stuff (again), and juggling eight bags, a baby, and a carseat at the airport (this time with help from my family), we’ve been taking it pretty easy. We impressed another plane full of people with our sleeping child last night on our way to Columbus (there was a one month old on the flight as well who was stealing all of Simon’s thunder, so he didn’t even bother raising a fuss). Of course, we didn’t sleep much, so we’ve been making up for it all day. Even the craziest headless chickens eventually have to succumb to the laws of nature, right?

3 thoughts on “Like Chickens With Our Heads Cut Off

  1. Glad to hear you made it ok. Simon is truly an exceptional boy. I thought he was at the top of his form Wednesday and not surprised at all that he did you proud on the plane.

  2. A week since your last post is ages? Then it’s been eons since I lasted updated our blog. It was fun to have you stop by and visit!

  3. Yeah, a post a week is really awesome for me. I’m glad you’re taking time to just CHILL. We really look forward to seeing you this weekend, though!

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