We Made It. Barely.

We Made It. Barely.

We made it to the mainland. I don’t think we could have done it without the help of Jay (Micah’s former intern) and his friend Bob. We had six bags to check, each weighing between 45 and 49 pounds (Micah is a master packer), plus four carry-on bags which were also very heavy. And the carseat. And the kid. Jay and Bob helped transport all of our stuff through agriculture inspection and the bag-check line, which we could not have managed with just the two of us.

Simon slept the whole flight from Honolulu to Las Vegas and then woke up for the layover and then slept again for the flight from Vegas to Salt Lake. We sure are lucky parents. He even let us sleep for about four hours once we got here while his aunties and uncles entertained him. I’m looking forward to seeing how he adjusts to the four hour difference. And when I say “looking forward” I mean that it makes me tired just to think about it.

No pictures, no stories. Just an uneventful and sleepless journey.

6 thoughts on “We Made It. Barely.

  1. Hooray for an uneventful trip and a sleeping child! Glad you’re safely on the mainland–for good!

  2. Oh, you know, four weeks or something like that. We’re planning to stay in Ohio until the beginning of August, but we don’t have a set date. We’re flexible, you could say.

  3. I’m impressed with that baby of yours- Ambrose was good on the plane too- it must be all that built in white noise or something. We are excited to hear more about your mainland/NYC adventures!

  4. Welcome back! If you guys want to kick it with us, we’d love to see you again. We bought a house in Saratoga Springs, next to the lake, and it is awesome! We go fishing and tubing all the time!

    Where abouts in Utah are you?

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