Bad, Bad Baby Beluga

Bad, Bad Baby Beluga

You’ll never believe what happened today. It was like something out of a movie. A sad movie. Or maybe a comedy. We’re not sure which.
Remember how we were trying to sell our car? Well, Baby Beluga had a few quirks that needed to be remedied before she could fetch us a good price, so we WD-40ed the doors and put some fuel injector fluid in the tank and cleaned her up as well as we could and, except for the peeling paint and a few rust spots, she was running as smoothly as she had when we bought her. No more random stalling, no more tricky doors. We almost wished that we could keep her, she was running so well. We had her looked at by multiple trustworthy and knowledgeable people and they all said she had a great engine and all was well. With all that she had going for her, we were hoping we could sell her right away, and we did have a few people that were really interested but in the end found cars they liked a bit better, so Baby Beluga stayed in the yard. Then Caleb called. It seemed like a perfect match. He had just come in to some extra money and was looking to buy a VW. Baby Beluga happened to be in his price range. He took her on a test drive and loved her. She was so smooth and nice. He had today (Tuesday) off and we decided it would be the perfect day to go to the DMV to have the title transferred, and since he lived in Kaneohe and that is where the DMV is, we agreed to pick him up at his house and drive over together. So we picked him up and as we were driving towards the DMV we heard this knocking sound that neither of us had heard before. Then we turned the corner on to the road the DMV is on and she stalled. Or at least we thought she stalled. But she wouldn’t start again. We were literally across the street from the DMV parking lot and Baby Beluga died. She wouldn’t turn over. All we got was a clicking noise when we turned the key, and then a burning smell. Sounds bad, eh? It was. It was horrible. Our worst nightmares were coming true. Fortunately, some nice people offered to jump her for us and she started okay, and then we put some water in the radiator reservoir and the water just drained out. There was obviously a leak somewhere. We were able to get her to mechanic and although we hoped is was just something like getting a new battery and patching a hole or something, the mechanic wasn’t so sure, and we didn’t really have any time to find out. Because we fly out of here tomorrow night. After hearing our situation, the mechanic said he would give us $300 for her and fix her up to sell to someone less fortunate. Our other option was to sell the car to Caleb for $300 and let him deal with Baby Beluga’s newly developed quirks. After a great deal of thought, Caleb decided to buy the car from us anyway. We walked away with $300 in our pockets which, after four hours of sitting by the side of the road trying to figure out what was wrong and worrying about what we would do with the car if we couldn’t sell it before 6:00 tomorrow night, felt like quite the victory. Simon, by the way, was an angel through all of the drama–I think we would have had a nervous breakdown if he’d been difficult.

It was funny because as we were driving down to Kaneohe to pick up Caleb we were talking about how we would feel so bad if something happened to the car the day after we sold her to him, so perhaps it was a blessing that something happened the minute before we sold her. All of the anxiety we were feeling was suddenly gone and we were at peace knowing that the worst had happened and he was willing to deal with it. And even though we didn’t get nearly as much out of her as we had hoped to get, and felt we needed to get, maybe Caleb needed a $300 car more than we needed the $1000 we were hoping for.

It somehow seems fitting that our Hawaii adventure ended the way it began: with a long and difficult bus ride after a series of unfortunate events.

5 thoughts on “Bad, Bad Baby Beluga

  1. Haha! Thats funny/ironic–how weird that it broke across the street from the DMV. I’m very impressed that you managed to make three hundred bucks still. I’m also impressed by your ability to see the positive side of the situation.

  2. Quite ironic. And I agree with Melissa–I’m surprised/impressed that you still got $300 out of it! Sheesh! I hope your travels home are successful and safe and that Simon sleeps most of the way!

    Good luck–we can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. We are sorry that you had an ordeal before you left but it sounds like you’ve made peace with it. I am so glad that Simon is such an awesome baby- I know the stress of a screaming baby in a stressful situation too- so hooray for him. Hope you guys are having fun!

  4. Welcome to Utah!!!! I can’t wait to see the three of you. How long are you staying? Glad Baby Beluga was sold(even though only for a little bit.) Let me know your schedule while you are here!

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