We no longer own:Don’t ask me how much I like sitting (and nursing while sitting) on the floor all of the time or how we are managing to eat without any dishes, but the discomfort and inconvenience are small prices to pay for having a few more dollars in our pocket as we board the plane next week.

Still to sell: Baby Beluga (our car), our computer, and $65 worth of random household stuff (although prices may drop dramatically as July 4th draws closer).

We put Baby Beluga up on Craigslist tonight and got three phone calls and two e-mails within two hours, so things are looking good there . . . keep your fingers crossed for us.

6 thoughts on “SOLD!

  1. Buh bye. I’m impressed with how well the things matched in your place. I think very few of our things do. Have fun re-buying all of those things!

  2. *gasp* Can’t help thinking how we’ll be in your shoes next year, selling everything we have.

    Just wondering, are you shipping some things back to the mainland? How did you decide what to keep and what did you find is the cheapest way to do that?

    Good luck with the big move!

  3. I guess you could say we have 3 categories of stuff: things we are absolutely taking, things we are absolutely not taking, and things we are only taking if we end up having room or they are cheap enough to ship. The keepers and the not keepers are easy to deal with. We’ve shipped most of the keepers and sold most of the not-keepers. How we decided what to sell was mainly based on whether we would be able to sell it and how easy it would be to re-buy once we are in New York. But it is the last category that is difficult. We are currently waiting to make final decisions until we pack our bags with the rest of the keepers and find out how much room we have left. Then we’ll have to decide whether to donate what didn’t make the luggage-cut to charity or to ship it.

    As far as costs of shipping, books and other media were obvious keepers: you can ship a 35 pound box from here to Ohio for only $14 via Media Mail. The other things we have shipped using Parcel Post, which also takes 3-5 weeks from here but is quite affordable–we shipped a large 30 pound box for $30 yesterday–something that would have cost over a $150 to re-buy on the mainland.

    We also had the advantage of having family come out here to visit, and we sent them back with extra suitcases full of stuff. But, of course, the suitcases are only halfway to their eventual destination and we will probably end up shipping most of it from Utah to New York once we find an apartment. We figure it is probably cheaper to ship from Utah to New York than from Hawaii to New York, but it also means we currently have stuff in Hawaii, Utah, and Ohio that will all (hopefully) make its way to New York before September.

    I hope that helps at least get you started thinking about such things! It is definitely not the easiest thing to be moving off an island!

  4. OK, tell me exactly when you guys get out here and also, are you going to be around for the 4th and do you want to come to my rooftop 4th BBQ/firework watching/Transformers party?

  5. Nice staging for your pics! No wonder you’ve sold so much so fast.

    You guys must be going CRAZY with everything so up in the air. Kudos for getting your act together and organized! I HATE moving across country (seems to be the only way we ever go) I can’t fathom handling all the hassles of moving overseas. You guys are troopers!

  6. Unfortunately we aren’t sure about exact dates of our arrival in NYC. We know we’re spending two weeks in Utah and about two weeks in Ohio/Indiana/Michigan, which puts NYC somewhere in the first week of August . . . sadly much too late for a 4th of July party. Maybe you could just delay it to the 4th of August?

    Yeah, moving across an ocean isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I’d say we’d never do it again, but we kind of think it would be cool to live in England sometime. And maybe we’d buy a condo on Kauai for our retirement years. :)

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