Last Chance at Sea Life Park

Last Chance at Sea Life Park

Since Micah only has a week left of employment at the PCC, we thought we would take advantage of the fact that PCC employees get free admission to Sea Life Park while we still could. Yesterday was the big day. We saw dolphins and sea lions and penguins and all sorts of other sea life. I was kind of surprised at how sparsely attended the park was because dolphins are cool and sea lions are cool and penguins are super cool, so certainly everybody on the island would want to check it out, right? I guess not. Of course, it did take us 2 1/2 years to get there, so maybe coolness is not the issue. Maybe it is just that they don’t market themselves very well or maybe it is that people don’t come to Hawaii to see dolphins in tanks do flips or penguins waddle through hoops or even to see sea lions do handstands (not that sea lions actually have hands). I’d say that Simon loved it, but honestly he was staring at the ceiling/sky most of the time. Just can’t keep his nose out of the air.

As a side note, afterwards we went out to dinner at a pizza place we had a gift certificate to (also courtesy of the PCC). It happened to be the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Vegas, so they had probably seven screens playing the fight. We’re not really interested in fighting so much, but it isn’t everyday that someone loses a fight because they knock themselves out, now is it? If you want to see a concrete reason why we will never let Simon be a fighter, check out this clip from YouTube. Jump to 5:40 to see the start of the round, and notice what happens to the guy in the gray shorts at about 5:50. He would have had it if he hadn’t knocked himself unconscious. Oops!

3 thoughts on “Last Chance at Sea Life Park

  1. Maybe people would rather see sea life in the sea instead of at a sea park. It seems pretty cool to me though.

  2. Yeah, but dolphins don’t jump 20 feet in the air and do flips when they are in the ocean . . . at least not that I’ve seen.

  3. I LOVE marine parks. Marine World in Vallejo California is one of my favorites, but in recent years it has acheived “6 flags” status, and now all people go there for is to ride the roller coasters. They have all kinds of cool animal shows and close-encounters kind of stuff and it’s actually kind of great because they’re pretty sparsely attended these days so you can really get up close!

    Unfortunately the video clip has been removed from YouTube due to copyright reasons, but that sounds hillarious!

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