Turkey Surprise

Turkey Surprise

Because it was his last week at work, Micah’s intern, Jay, decided to throw himself a “surprise” party. And because Micah is leaving soon as well, he invited Micah to be one of the guests of honor at the party–which also meant providing one of the main dishes for the potluck. Somehow, as this “surprise” party was being planned word got out that Micah can cook up a mean turkey and someone in the office volunteered to provide one if Micah would work his magic on it. So that is what he did. On Monday he got started by brining the turkey in the office fridge, and on Tuesday he roasted it in the office oven for the lunchtime party. His co-workers were terribly impressed and so sad that they only found out about Micah’s cooking talents at the end of his reign as graphic genius and technoguru of the PCC. If they’d known earlier, he could have added “Office Caterer” to his resume and probably made a killing off of his skills. I think one of his co-workers even offered to let him further develop his turkey-roasting talents on the bird she has had in her freezer since Christmas.

After tasting it myself, I wouldn’t mind if Micah were feeling a little Thanksgiving-ish more frequently (as long as someone else is willing to foot the bill, of course). Many thanks go out to Kareena as well, for providing the spices for the turkey. They caused quite the stir. Everyone wanted to know where they could get some Spike and Greek.

The picture is actually from Thanksgiving, but I was busy with Simon and forgot to take one of Micah at the party. They were prepared and cooked exactly the same way, just in different ovens.

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