I ran a 5K

I ran a 5K

And I enjoyed every step of it. My friend Diana (who is the person who turned me on to running in the first place) told me about it, and because of the timing we thought it was going to be the Laie Days 5K (which we were in charge of last year) but it wasn’t. It was the 1st Annual BYU-H 5K. Or at least they hope it becomes an annual event. I wish them well.

Diana and her brother and I ran together and did fairly well, I thought, coming in during the 25 minute range, which led to some important discoveries. Well,mostly the discovery that I need to recalibrate my Nike+ sometime because I was using it during the run and it said we only ran 4.26K, but I believe the race organizers measured correctly. This, in turn, led me to realize that I’ve been running a lot faster than I thought, since we were doing about an 8.5 minute mile and my Nike+ tells me I run about a 9.5 minute mile usually. Good to know. I thought I’d lost all my speed when Simon entered the picture.

Micah and Simon cheered us on the whole way, which wasn’t too hard since the course was just running up and down Kulanui Street three times, and then making a lap around the flag circle. So Micah just kept crossing the street so he could offer encouraging words, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, he was so busy cheering he forgot to take pictures, but that is okay because nobody wants to see me in my running clothes anyway.

It was my first 5K and I was pretty excited about it. That’s all.

7 thoughts on “I ran a 5K

  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but I want to see Lizzie in her running clothes. If for nothing else, I can get some idea of what I should look like while I pretend to run. AKA jogging.

  2. dear lizzie, and micah for that matter:

    my deepest most sincere apologies for not having my phone with me yesterday when i realized i wasn’t going to be able to make it to book binding. when i got lizzie’s message, i felt even worse.

    i was in town with my family, and blah blah blah.

    the real point is, lizzie was kind enough to not mention that she (with grace and ease) pulled ahead of me at the end of the 5K. Not because she was ditching me. But because she could run faster and i couldn’t, and i wanted her to meet her potential. it was a very dramatic moment. =)

  3. Well that makes me feel better! I was sure that I was running hecka slow in Hawaii (which I was….) but it shouldn’t have been that slow! And seeing as I’ve seen Lizzie in her running clothes you can bet that all y’all’ll want to see her in her running clothes. :) I ran 6 miles to Lizzie- and I pushed myself! Hopefully Friday and Saturday will go alright!

  4. Is that this weekend Becca? I’m so excited to hear how it went. And so jealous you get to do it. Good luck!

  5. Yup yippee yippeeto! I’m excited and a little nervous. I don’t want to do anything crazy to my knee….. But I’m sure all will go well. :)

  6. way to go on the 5K! I love them: short and sweet. You can always run a 5K no matter how out of shape you feel and they’re good inspiration to keep up the motivation with running. Here’s to many more 5Ks in your future, Lizzie!

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