And the Little One said, "Roll over, roll over!"

And the Little One said, "Roll over, roll over!"

I’ve been waiting to catch this moment on camera since Simon first rolled over last week, and I finally did it. Our little guy is so talented. As you can see, he doesn’t really like being put on his stomach, which is why it took me so long to get it on camera. Sorry, Simon! I was just so proud of him.

7 thoughts on “And the Little One said, "Roll over, roll over!"

  1. Ha ha! I don’t know whether to think that’s cute, or abuse. Just kidding!! He’s rolling over so young, good work Simon!!

  2. Good job Simon!
    I’m home by the way and we want to have you guys over for family home evening or dinner or something. Let us know!:)

  3. So fun! I never got past the general disgruntlement part because my connection is so slow it finally gave up, but I believe you! Keane was like that. It was hilarious because it got to the point where it was almost reflex. You’d put him on his tummy and he’d immediately flip over. “No thanks, Mom.” They’re definitely born with a mind of their own!

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