Filler Post

Filler Post

Sorry for the lack of new posts these past weeks. Micah has been hogging the computer so he can work on his portfolio. He thinks getting a job is more important than showing off pictures of Simon. Silly Micah. But even if he hadn’t been working so hard, we’ve been playing pretty hard with Will and Becca and who has time to blog when there are waters to snorkel, beaches to sun at, mountains to climb, and only a few days in which to cram it all. So, here is a new picture to look at until we are no longer working and playing so hard.

4 thoughts on “Filler Post

  1. ps. We have recently been told that the reason Sarah stopped posting comments is that somebody who will remain nameless made fun of her. We would like to formally invite you to ignore such tauntings and start commenting as much as your little heart desires again. We really enjoy it.

    pps. The post was not written by me, but by Lizzie.

  2. Um, no. I don’t believe anyone made fun of me. I have been pretty busy lately (graduating is lots of fun, lots of fun, lots of fun), and the remark in question was more like: “You comment a lot.” That was it, but I’m glad you noticed. From now on I will reassure you guys that in fact I have the cutest nephew in the world!

  3. What a cutie!! He looks like he travels well and is enjoying all the fun things you’re doing. Can’t wait until he (and Mom and Dad) make it to Ohio!
    Love, Grandma

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