9 thoughts on “A Little Somethin’ for the Ladies

  1. Oh boy! I love it! Can I come over this weekend and say hello? I mean, he really isn’t too young for me is he? He may be my only hope due to my track record with men, so in about 21 years I will probably have it figured out, what do you say Simon?

  2. I tell you, if my family doesn’t start telling us how cute they think their nephew is, we’re going to think that they never want to see him. :)

  3. Simon is the cutest baby ever! He is wallpaper on computer screens; he’s featured on the door of the fridge; we print his pictures and send them everywhere!

    He’s cool! Awesome!

  4. Thanks Dad. I was a little worried that maybe you all were missing The Cutest Baby That Ever There Was.

    And Matthan, his other bicep is The Anvil.

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