6 thoughts on “Uhntsa, Uhntsa.

  1. i’m glad you finally cleared up the mystery of how to spell “unnsta.” it’s been plaguing me for years and now i can finally add it to my Word spell check. on another note, micah, one of my roommates from last summer is graduating from byu’s graphic design program (maybe you’ve heard of it) and she saw the listing for your job. she wants to apply, but she is going to be gone on a cross-country bike trip with my current roommate until late august. would that eliminate her eligibility for the job?

  2. I love it. This boy is CUTE! Do you think that we’ll ever get to see what his hair looks like?

  3. I was noticing today that he has his hat on in all the pictures, so we are happy to oblige and show you the rest of his head. And also his eyes, since he has them closed in almost all the pictures, too, and they really are beautiful (and tough and manly).

    Uhntsa is the sound of a dance party. If you want, Micah will be glad to demonstrate it for you the next time we see you.

  4. I love that Simon is so wrapped up in blankets and has his little beanie on his head, I mean we live in hot Hawaii….I can’t even stay in bed after 6 am these days cause it is just too hot! But Simon, he can take the heat :)

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