Strong Man

Strong Man

One of the first things Simon’s nurse commented on when she saw Simon was how strong he looked. And he is a strong one. I have never seen an infant with such amazing neck control, and he seems to be able to wrestle his way out of even the best swaddling job. The first time we put him on his stomach it honestly looked like he was about to crawl away–it was only the size of his head that was keeping him in place.

It looks as though the little guy has taken the nurse’s comment to heart, and, as you can see by the satisfied look on his face, he is pleased to show off his huge arms in whatever way he can. I just hope he gets it out of his system before he hits the teenage years.

2 thoughts on “Strong Man

  1. He has such a cute little face. I especially like those cheeks…I sure wish my kid had some of those!

  2. The chubby cheeks are one of his many endearing features, the only problem being that they make it somewhat difficult to tell if he has Micah’s jawline or mine. I’m rooting for Micah’s, of course, but then I’m rooting for a little Micah clone. Only time will tell.

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