Speaking of Babies. . .

Speaking of Babies. . .

Because Simon slept fairly well last night both of us felt pretty well today, and thus we spent a bit of time getting our apartment back into order. As I was picking up the living room I happened to look into a small nook by the stairs and came across these eggs. I thought it odd because I usually don’t not come across eggs in our home unless I’m cleaning out the fridge. Huh.

The eggs are rather small (about 3/8″) and they where stuck to each other. One of them was broken and the other is still in tact. I am slightly embarrassed to say that my first thought was, “Oh no, cockroaches.” I quickly remembered, however, learning in elementary school that roaches, and bugs of all kinds for that matter, don’t lay eggs. And because we are fairly certain that we don’t have any super small birds living in our apartment the only logical conclusion is that they are gecko eggs.

We definitely have geckos for roomies, but this is the first time I had ever thought of them coming from eggs. I rather like the idea and I think it makes our cockroach/ant/moth/other bug-eating friends even more endearing. I wish them the best and I hope the other egg will hatch soon. I believe I will name him Rex.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Babies. . .

  1. very, uh, interesting. And a little weird. And I guess I never really thought of geckos coming from eggs, either. Good luck with Rex.

  2. rex as in tyranna-some letters to make this spelled correctly–saurus? Fierce.

    i think you have an eye for detail micah. who notices mini eggs unless they’re made by cadbury? they’re one of those things we know exist in the world, but no one ever actually sees. must be the artist in you.

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