More Pictures

More Pictures

Just to warn you all, the Green Wallet will temporarily (and unofficially) be changing it’s name to “Check Out Our Cute Kid”. But don’t worry. 100%* Simon is, in fact, a realistic representation of our current lives. We promise to get back to a nice variety** (which will also include Simon) when our lives do.

With that said, check out our cute kid:
And check out his new drawer!
*To be fully honest, we did manage to watch the last episode of Lost (Catch 22) and we liked it.
** If you are painfully bored, here is a small project my friend Becca Shim put together. It is kind of interesting.

3 thoughts on “More Pictures

  1. wow- he’s actually one of the cutest newborns I’ve ever seen! He’s a good color and he doesn’t looked like he’s been cramped in a womb for nine months or anything. What a cute baby! Good work.

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