What is a Hoosier, Anyway?

What is a Hoosier, Anyway?

Well, we didn’t get into NYU. But, the good news is that we just saved $21,000. Also, we get to live near Adrian & Jodie in Indiana during grad school. Bloomington is a beautiful town and Indiana’s journalism program is really good. In fact, Wikipedia (which is always right) does say that the IU journalism program is one of the very best in the nation. It may not be as glamorous as NYU, but we can deal with that. Besides, Bloomington has an Ultimate league and rock climbing, both of which we have been missing terribly since moving to our island in the sun. (NYC has a league as well, but they play on Sundays.)

We did, however, really want to go to NYC, but it looks like that plan will have to wait for a bit. Slightly disappointing, yes, but it is kind of a relief knowing that we won’t be paying for my graduate education for the next 20 years. And also that we won’t be in our fifties before we can buy a house. It is a bit sad that we didn’t get our first pick, but we are trusting that the Lord is still watching out for us and that this is the best thing for our family. We are really excited to be around family and to pay less than $4 for a gallon of milk.

7 thoughts on “What is a Hoosier, Anyway?

  1. I am sad you didn’t get into NYU, but am mostly excited for you to be near us!! Wahoo!

    I am so happy and can’t wait to hang out with the three of you, and bug the heck out of you by coming over all of the time. :)

    And truthfully with housing prices around here–you probably could afford to buy a house NOW…just a thought…

  2. are you sure you read the letter right? i’m serious–or maybe nyu’s admissions committee had a big fight with Indiana’s admissions committee over you and Indiana won. Basically, this is a real loss for nyu, that’s what i always say.

    and furthermore, nobody says no to liz heiselt, NOBODY. i’m going to take care of this….

    i think partly i’m very upset because it seems like a foreshadowing of my future. no nyu for lizzie feels like no nyu for marty which means no nyc for any of us…

  3. sorry about the “downer,” nature of my above comment. i wanted to say i commend your positive attitude.

  4. Sorry about NYU. But not that sorry. We can totally see each other if you’re in Indiana! AND… a little bit of cultural knowledge for you…

    According to most Hoosiers, (at least the ones who claim to know what a Hoosier is, as most don’t) it all started with a contractor reportedly named Samuel Hoosier who preferred to hire workers from Indiana during the construction of the Louisville and Portland Canal because they were such hard workers. They eventually were called “Hoosier’s men” and then just Hoosiers, referring to everybody in the state. Though Wikkipedia has some less positive things to say about the roots of the word.

  5. Well, the “positive attitude” is still in the works, Diana. We got the letter on Friday and it wasn’t until Sunday that I made peace enough to post about it. I have to say that I am looking forward to the part where we get to find out why things have to be this way. :)

    And don’t you worry, Jodie, we have already been scouring real estate websites for our own bit of heaven in Bloomington.

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