New Beginnings and Old Habits

New Beginnings and Old Habits

Don’t you think Easter is the most important holiday of the year? If any holiday really lives up to being a Holy Day, I think Easter is it. Not that Christmas isn’t important, but without the atonement and resurrection, what is the point of life? With the atonement and resurrection we can start fresh everyday. We have hope in the future. We know goodbyes are not forever. We can become clean again. We hope you enjoyed your Easter with the colorful eggs, the blooming flowers, the coming of Spring and new life.
We celebrated by dying eggs, as you can see, and inviting friends over for a delicious feast, as is our habit. I’ve been wishing for more than two years that they would serve potatoes au gratin at a ward party, but they never do so I finally made them myself. They were well worth the effort. But Micah’s summer rolls (above) stole the show. He’s always outdoing me.

Nothing like good food and good friends and a few rounds of The Loser Game to really make a day special.

3 thoughts on “New Beginnings and Old Habits

  1. Ooh, Age saw these online, too and I thought they were just okay. But I think yours look a lot better than the ones on the tutorial. Good work!

  2. the summer rolls look fantastic. too bad it’s spring! your eggs also look super nifty. i got to dye some intense eggs too. richard gordon-smith gave us a sneak peak into his czech heritage when we batiked eggs. mine, of course, looked like i had scrambled it instead of dyed it. everyone else’s eggs (mostly graphic designers and artists of varying degree) looked amazing. i was like “czech THAT out!” go easter!

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