NYU and a Muumuu

NYU and a Muumuu

You may have guessed that we are still waiting to hear from NYU (for those of you who are interested in that sort of thing). Well, everyday should be the day, and everyday the magic mailbox disappoints us. The stress of the situation has led to more than one dream, but there is just one that is especially amusing/confusing. In the dream, we went out to the mailbox and there were three things from NYU. One of them was a package that never got opened. The other was a letter that didn’t say whether I got in or not (but since it didn’t say no, we assumed the best). And the last thing was the front half of a pink muumuu. I couldn’t make any sense of it, but in my dream I told Micah I was going to post it on our blog to find out what everybody else thought. So I thought I would make at least that part of my dream come true. What do you think? Why does NYU think I need half of a pink muumuu?(By the way, I have recently discovered that muumuus are the most comfortable thing in the world and I can’t figure out why I haven’t been wearing them throughout this pregnancy. I highly recommend them to all pregnant women . . . especially those in hot, humid climates.)

7 thoughts on “NYU and a Muumuu

  1. Well, it definitely correlates to those dreams of going to school without pants on. You’re nervous that you won’t get into NYU so naturally you would dream about them sending you half the muumuu. They are making you as nervous and anxious as it would make you by wearing only the front half of the muumuu. :) Good luck! :)

  2. Sarah’s interpretation of the dream: the muumuu represents your comfort level in reference to getting accepted. You only got half of one because half of you realizes that there is nothing to worry about, that it will all work out, and that you should just be comfortable, whereas the otherhalf of you is on tenterhooks, wondering when the heck you will stop feeling so exposed to uncertainty and have the comfort of knowing that you have gotten into NYU. You got the front half of the muumuu to represent that you should go forward and not worry about it. The end.

  3. Jess’ interpretation of the dream: Well, I’m thinking you got only half a muumuu because you don’t know if you got accepted or not so, its just out in the open. The reason it is pink is because you got accepted and pink is a happy color therefore you are happy because you got accepted.

  4. I think the muumuu probably is unrelated to whether or not you get in to NYU, I think that you are probably just nervous about NYU and the uncertainy of the future and your new found love of muumuus made its way in there somehow.

  5. I have to second the sentiment about Muumuus. I have a big Mexican dress (OK, not exactly a muumuu, but VERY similar in dimensions, etc) and I practically lived in it when I was pregnant with Neils, so I’m glad you’ve found some!

  6. Okay, here’s the scoop with NYU. I called them this morning because I need to know before the end of the week if I’ve been accepted or not because IU wants to know by the 15th if I’m going there. And although NYU won’t tell me over the phone if I got in, they did tell me that the decision was made on April 4th and if the letter didn’t go out on Friday, it should go out today. Hopefully that means it will get here before Friday. I tell you, could they cut it any closer?

  7. I thought they said “The end of MARCH” Honey, I think you should boycott! :)

    Hope it all goes as you want it to!

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