The Tally

The Tally

Thanks everyone who participated in our March Madness competition. It is now April and our little tyke is due one month from today! We aren’t going to post the winning bracket yet as that might give away the huge secret that is (or at least has a good possibility of being) his name, but we thought you might enjoy some stats. But first, you have to know that Micah and I each did our own brackets, so we matched everybody up with both of ours, so everybody has two scores. Also, nobody–not one–got the name that we have tentatively chosen, although we did have one or two that came pretty dang close.

Another interesting thing we found was that as we went through the brackets some of our own preferences changed. I had Mitchell going to the Elite Eight, but after a while it just didn’t appeal to me as much and probably would have lost in the second round. Micah had Finnian beating Elias, but if he were to do it again Elias would have gone on to the Elite Eight.

One person’s bracket did look surprisingly like Micah’s, and although I’m not going to name any names . . . We had 29 formal entries, plus a few informal submissions, which did not get included in the tally. Sorry to all of you who just told us what names you liked but didn’t submit a bracket. If you want to, you can still submit one, you just won’t win anything.Congrats to Jamie and the Bassetts for getting the high scores. We need your addresses so we can send you sweet Hawaiian goodness in the mail.

John Peterson and Tyler Bingham get honorable mention for submitting Micah’s favorite Wild Cards: CashMoney and Blaze Firestormer. A few people actually matched our Wild Cards (even in the same place on the chart!) including John Levesque, the Huishes, and Alan. In a few weeks (or whenever this kid is born) we will post our charts, along with the winning name.

6 thoughts on “The Tally

  1. Shoot! Ours are filled out (well mine anyway, and COnan’s halfway) we’re just slow in sending. Are you taking any late entries?

  2. I think we can make a special exception for you Missy (and probably for anybody else as well).

    But only because we like you.

  3. So fun! My scores aren’t that bad…though I guess they’re not that great, either. :)

    I love Raina’s submission. I think she should definitely get points for being the most colorful.

  4. Ohmygosh, I think I’m gonna cry (and I’ll blame it on the postpartum hormones). Woohoo! The winner! And heaven knows, chocolate is exactly what I need. ha ha.

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