The Monarch Formerly Known as Prince

The Monarch Formerly Known as Prince

We just want to send a very special shout out to our favorite would-have-been Hawaiian King on this, his birthday.

We also want to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of all those pesky haoles for overthrowing your kingdom just when it was getting good for you. Sorry about that one.

So, to make it up to you and show that we really mean it, we have decided to give everybody the day off. This picnic’s for you, man.

Happy Prince Kuhio Day!

One thought on “The Monarch Formerly Known as Prince

  1. The day went something like this:
    7:00 Micah wakes up.
    9:00 Lizzie wakes up.
    9:30 Lizzie goes running.
    10:00 Lizzie gets caught in a downpour.
    10:30 It stops raining.
    1:00 It is a beautiful day. We go to the beach for our picnic.
    2:00 Lizzie wastes Micah at Mexican Train.
    2:30 We go home.
    5:30 We go on a walk. It starts raining.
    7:00 Lizzie makes mediocre okonomiyaki while Micah makes awesome lemon squares.
    8:00 Still raining. We have FHE.
    9:00 We hypnotize ourselves.
    10:00 We go to bed. Still raining.

    Why can’t everyday be Prince Kuhio Day? *sigh*

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