Micah the Artist: The Early Days

Micah the Artist: The Early Days

Bente, Micah’s sister, was kind enough to send me some old letters Micah had written her while she was away at college (I assume). This one is my favorite:

Dear Bente,
I’m not that bad but I feel realy bad. I also have a bump on my head. I hope you feel better than me!
Love, Micah
P.S. I hope you enjoy this letter as much as I enjoy yours.

On the other side is this:
I can’t decide what I like best about the whole thing. The fact that he clarified that he did not have a mustach? That his hair is mest up because Conan won’t cut it? The fake measles? I mean really, what’s not to love.

Bente, you totally made my week.

6 thoughts on “Micah the Artist: The Early Days

  1. Oh, I love the hurting eyes because of polen seson. Haha! That’s precious. I should post the picture of Adrian’s puppy…though it looks more like a baby pig. It’s not nearly this great, though! Haha!

  2. Jodie, I would definitely love to see Adrian’s picture on your blog.

    Becca, if you wouldn’t mind taking on that professional analysis, that would be great.

    Really, though, anyone and everyone is welcome to offer their analyses.

  3. micah is cool. but if this picture was drawn at any time after the age of 14, i retract my previous statement.

  4. here is my professional analysis:

    micah is a perpetual victim. he is hurt because the corner did it. his hair is messy because of conan’s neglect. the pollen swelled his eyes. his fake measles and his misunderstood mustache/nose represent the oppression he lives with daily. this causes his head to ache and his neck to be sore (along with disc-shaped). the fact that this was a in a letter to his older sister signifies that he is crying out to his loved ones for help to lift the burden of the sticky red dots of life.

    someone help this poor lost soul!

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