Barber Shop

Barber Shop

Just like everything else, haircuts are ridiculously expensive on this island and usually not worth the money you pay. So over the past few years we have become proficient at cutting each other’s hair. Usually Micah just gives me a straight cut, but this time we got a little adventurous and he learned about layering. Here is the result (forgive the tired, glazed over look in my eyes–it was a late night):I think he did a dang good job. And for those of you who want to know how I am progressing (and once again, I’m not wearing something conducive to showing off the whole impact this child has had on my figure . . . sorry):Only six weeks left!

5 thoughts on “Barber Shop

  1. Elizabeth I love the haircut! Micah great job…and Liz, you are as adorable as ever with your little baby-belly! I am still checking your blog every day to see about your grad school letters…..

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