Pi Day 2007

Pi Day 2007

Hope you all enjoyed your Pi Day (or is it Pie Day? We can never remember . . . .). We sure did. Chicken pot pie chased by vanilla cream pie. MMMMMM.

7 thoughts on “Pi Day 2007

  1. So, pardon me for being mathematically disinclined, and I’m sure I’ve asked this before… but what exactly does Pi day commemmorate? The day that infinite number was discovered? Just curious.

  2. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14–3/14 or 3.14. Nothing really mathematical or historical, just the number itself in the form of a date, but it has been our little tradition to celebrate it by making pies since we got married (so this is the third year).

  3. You know, pi (or pie) day completely flew by me this year. But no matter. I’m not really a huge fan of pie. It’s all about the crust with me, and I usually don’t like it very much.

  4. it’s pi day and also einstein’s birthday and also my birthday. i celebrated with pie (pizza and sweet-za) in the park with 24 great friends and fantastic weather that came just for me.

  5. Happy belated birthday, Becca! I want you to know that even though I didn’t call, or write, or do anything else that a good friend would do, I made (and ate) both pies in your honor.

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