Iron Chef: Laie!

Iron Chef: Laie!

It has been a while since last we put our party-making skills to use so we felt that it was high time we did something awesome. We were inspired by Micah’s dream of having an Iron Chef competition with Easy-Bake Ovens, but since we don’t have an Easy-Bake and we don’t know anybody who does, we took our idea in a different direction. The result: the first (and only) Iron Chef: Laie! Competition.

We planned to have 4 courses prepared by 8 couples. Two couples would prepare the same course and compete against each other for prizes. Each couple would be given an envelope with the course they were to prepare and a secret ingredient they had to use in the course. Two couples were to make appetizers with mushrooms, two were to make salads with berries, two had an entree with peppers, and two a dessert with apples. Nobody could open their envelope until the night before the competition, and nobody was allowed to use a recipe. All the food had to be prepared by 6:00pm, when everyone would come to our house for the judging (and feasting). It was all well and good until we had a few non-respondents and a cancellation. Because Micah and I were sponsoring the competition, we felt obligated to make sure everybody had a dish to compete against. And, as luck would have it, although all of the envelopes were distributed randomly, we ended up with one of each course. If there had been two of the same course, we would have just discarded that course and made the others, but we felt it wouldn’t be fair if one couple didn’t have another to compete against, so we ended up making an appetizer, a salad, an entree, and a dessert.
Surprisingly, it didn’t take us as long to make everything as we thought it would, and we were actually finished by the 6:00 deadline when our friends started showing up. Everybody sampled everything, and then everybody voted on which of each course was the best. Prizes were awarded to the winners, and we spent the rest of the evening playing games and filling out March Madness brackets, and everybody went home happy. Unfortunately we weren’t on top of everything enough to get pictures of the competition in progress, so all we have to show for ourselves is the carnage that remained when all was said and done.

4 thoughts on “Iron Chef: Laie!

  1. You guys are so fun. I can’t wait until you live closer and we can do that kind of craziness together.

  2. I am reading this after eating a pop tart for lunch. That looks way fun and super yummy! And of course, you would end up with all of the courses to compete with….ha! Well it looks like delicious fun! And really…who won?

  3. We won the salad course . . . which was kind of ironic since it was the course we found out about the day of and we put the least amount of time and effort into. I just mixed some thawed frozen berries with a packet of lemon pudding and a tub of cool whip and voila! instant deliciousness.

    We lost to the Huishes in the appetizer course (our kababobs looked and tasted great, but were no match for their mushroom-chicken-cheese pockets), and the Gunters won the entree course with their stuffed peppers (which I didn’t really get to try because I don’t eat beef) which beat our pasta primavera. And we kind of tied with the Thomanders on the dessert. They made awesome carmel apples, but the carmel was slightly overcooked. We baked apples with cinnamon, sugar, and butter and topped it off with ice cream. Unfortunately, our apples were slightly undercooked . . . so it was a draw.

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