The Boat Dive

The Boat Dive

Yesterday was Micah’s last day of diving before earning his Advanced Open Water scuba certification. The three Saturdays previous to this, I have had to entertain myself while he went off and saw cool stuff underwater all day. But not this time! This time I got to come along. Micah was certifying in deep dives and boat dives, which meant they had to travel a little farther off-shore than normal, and guests were welcome to come on the boat. We left from Waikiki Harbor and hadn’t been sailing more than five minutes when a bunch of other divers saw whales. Whale watching was going to be my main activity, so I was glad that it looked so promising, but, unfortunately, I saw nary a splash. I did see a turtle, though. Other than that, the excitement was all Micah’s. Doesn’t he look super good all decked out in his scuba gear? (The answer is an emphatic YES!)

I joked with Micah about how I was going to steer the boat while he and everybody else were out diving, but I didn’t really think I’d sit in the driver’s seat. Cap’n Roger told me a good place to be out of the way when the diver’s came aboard after their first dive was up in his seat, and it was probably the best place for whale watching as well. So I sat up there and enjoyed the view and the sun. When it came time to move from the wreck dive to the deep dive, I stayed up there and pretended to navigate Cap’n Roger to the mooring for the deep dive. He’d done it so many times, though, that he just watched the buildings on shore and had me watch the navigator so I could see that he could get there without it. Show off.It was a lovely day for a sail, and, I’m told great for diving as well. As much as I have loved that Micah loves to dive, I’m glad that now I get him back on Saturdays.

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  1. So Fun! I’m so glad you guys have taken opportunities like this one for some cool life experiences. Someday you’ll tell your kids stories about life in Hawaii and they will just stare, open-jawed, in disbelief. I know, cuz my Dad lived in Hawaii for a couple of years, and I just couldn’t believe the crazy stuff he’d tell me about. Like these huge turtles that live in the sea. Incredible.

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