It's Good for the Heart

It's Good for the Heart

Since we were both secretly planning to make each other breakfast in bed, but then we spilled the secret, we decided to make breakfast together this morning. Micah was hoping that I wouldn’t be able to pull myself out of bed before 7:00, which is usually the case, but I was just so excited about making breakfast together that I woke up at about 4:00 and had a hard time sleeping at all after that. So at 6:00 we were hard at work making banana pancakes and broiled grapefruit. It was a great way to start the day. Tasty, too.

If you try the broiled grapefruit, we recommend going easy on the cinnamon as it did overpower the grapefruit a bit. Still, it looks so nice, and let’s be honest, how can you go wrong with grapefruit? I’m pretty sure Paco enjoyed it because he seemed to be doing backflips over it.

The pancakes turned out pretty well, despite the fact that the bananas were really brown, and we even used wheat flour, so they were good for us (well, until I accidentally added double the sugar . . . oops!).

Happy Valentine’s Day from the two (and 2/3rds) of us!

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