I feel fine, I promise.

I feel fine, I promise.

This is the part where I make you all worry about me and our little one. But first, a disclaimer: I’ve been able to keep running at least up until now, and except for a little extra fatigue (which I attribute to longer hours at work and all of the stress from changes at the office), I have been feeling great. I’m not at all uncomfortable even with the rapid changes taking place in the size of my abdomen, and even though this is Hawaii and it is almost always hot and humid, I haven’t been uncomfortably hot, until today.

Tuesday is our night to work at the temple, as many of you know, and usually we have plenty of sisters working, but tonight we were shorthanded and it was really busy. Micah and I lead a session (during which time I had three Braxton Hicks contractions–I think), and then had dinner, and then I was running up and down stairs and standing for long periods of time for the next hour. And at about 8:15 it finally caught up with me. Micah and I were working at the veil when I noticed it was getting rather warm and I started to get lightheaded. I was able to finish what I was doing and kind of let Micah know I was in distress before I slid down against the wall and blacked out for a second. Our friend Meg who was standing next to me said I was a quiet faller, but I didn’t really fall. It was a very controlled blackout. As expected, they sent me and Micah home after that, and even though we have joked about me playing the pregnancy card a few times so we could go home early, we never really expected to use it.

It was kind of nice to go home a little early, though, because we were both secretly planning to make each other breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day, and we need all the extra rest we can get. Plus it gave Micah time to go to the store and pick up a few things we need for breakfast, as well as these lovely lilies for his pregnant wife, who, rest assured, is doing just fine.

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  1. I have to say that it really wasn’t a big deal, and the only reason it was even newsworthy is that this has been the most humdrum pregnancy I’ve ever heard of and I’ve got to spice up my life somehow. :)

    It was actually kind of good to know that my body will tell me when it needs a rest or when I am pushing myself too much.

  2. Crazy. Yeah, my pregnancy with Neils was like that, too. I didn’t even get to black out. Lucky.

    Although I did have all kinds of faux-excitement right before he was born. I had Braxton-Hicks contractions for weeks ahead of time. We had to go to the hospital for a fetal stress test a couple of times. And was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced 2 weeks before the deadline. He still was 2 weeks overdue. Go figure.

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